The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg's Rat Park

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Habits are choices that one continues to do repeatedly without actually thinking about them. Habits start with a decision, but they eventually become automatic. One can probably think about things we do every day that we wish we did less of, perhaps like binging Netflix, constantly checking social media, or snacking when not being hungry. If one can understand how habits are triggered, one can learn how to overcome them. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and “Rat Park” by Lauren Slater will reveal the main strategies to recognize and overcome habits. Angie Bachman, a women who developed a gambling habit due was well aware of her habits, but she continued to drag herself into debt, resulting in losing all that she owned and getting sued by…show more content…
He ran a series of experiments that he called Rat Park. The experiments led him to conclude that drugs like heroin and cocaine don’t cause addiction, the user’s environment does. Alexander constructed Rat Park with wheels and balls for play, plenty of food and a mating space, with 16 rats of both sexes mingling with one another. He tested a variety of theories using different experiments to show that the rat’s environment played the largest part in whether a rat became addicted to opiates or not. In the experiment, the social rats had the choice to drink fluids from one of two dispensers. One had plain tap water, and the other had a morphine solution. He found that the caged rats ingested larger doses of the morphine solution, more than Rat Park rats. The Rat Park rats preferred the plain water. Even when the rats in cages were fed nothing but morphine water and then moved to Rat Park, the rats voluntarily went through withdrawal. Based on the findings, the team concluded that the drugs do not cause one’s addictions. Rather, how a person’s environment feeds their addiction. Feelings isolated, lonely, hopeless, or a lack of control based on unsatisfactory living conditions is what make a person dependent on substance addiction. Alexander once said, " I f I lived like that in a cage, I'd get as high as possible too."(Duhigg 10) Alexander’s goal was to prove that drugs do not cause…show more content…
The casino kept offering different things and after this she was unable to refuse. She was offered anything she wanted, the casino would negotiate any request. At one point Bachmann had walked away from all the gambling, but soon after her parents passed away she returned to the casino and there she was seduced into coming back. After her inheritance, she had told Harrah’s that she was almost out of money, but they told her to come anyway. The casino told her, they would give her a line of credit to start off with. Bachmann ended up borrowing a total of about $125,000. Bachmann eventually lost everything she and her family had, including their family home. Bachmann tried to win back the money she was losing but she wasn't able to. Bachmann wasn't able to repay the money back to the casino and the casino then sued her. Bachmann was then found guilty for her gambling habit. You see if the casino wouldn’t have encouraged Bachmann to continue gambling and offer her money to play it, perhaps she wouldn’t have lost all that she owned. The casino kept seducing her to come in, making it impossible for her to refuse. Bachmann was enjoying all the perks her gambling addiction was able to get

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