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A healthy lifestyle is usually picked up as we get older. However, think of how much more beneficial it would be for our bodies when we get older, if we would have learned and adapted to a healthier lifestyle when we were younger? Teaching your kids how important a healthy diet is, will help them maintain that lifestyle in their older years. Not to mention have lower health risks, higher self-esteem and it will give them the energy they need to keep up with their eating habits and maintain their body weight.
The better your diet, the lower chance you have of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and etc. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention found that 75 percent of healthcare spending goes to treating
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Kids and teens who eat better and stay active have a higher self-esteem than kids who sit at home and eat junk food all day. “Over processed foods are linked to feelings of depression. Healthy eating naturally makes a child feel great due to the high quality of nutrition available in natural wholesome foods and low sugar and fat content,” Carla Daffy(2). A child’s self-esteem is very important if they feel good about themselves and how they look then they will have the confidence to succeed in other areas of life as well. You want to make sure not to put too much pressure on kids or teens about their image because that could damage their self-esteem if they don’t feel “up to standards.” Instead of opinions on what they’re doing wrong, eat healthy with them, do activities with them. Show them there is no pressure and let them follow your example. Kids who feel great will do…show more content…
“The best way to stay at a healthy weight is to make healthy food choices daily,” says Mary L. Gavin (3). That is no secret, everybody knows this information but doesn’t put it to use with their kids. The more energy they have, they more active they will be as well. Which will also regulate their body weight. Be careful when talking about weight because if you negatively talk about your own weight or call out another person’s bad eating habits and link them with being overweight they might start to think food in general is bad and that is one way eating disorders are started. Show them portion control and healthy snacks when being active and just sitting around the house. Kids and teens need more energy so they will want to do more outside activities and the energy starts with the food they are

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