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Pajama Day, Every Day
I have a dream that one day, the majority will accept homeschooling as an adequate alternative for the current public school system. For years, most people have stereotyped homeschoolers as strange and incompetent. I cannot say how many comments I have received comments such as “You’re homeschooled? But you’re so normal!” However, in the last ten years, studies have proved that homeschooling well equips a student for higher education and even social settings, challenging the opinions of many (Sheehy). Years ago, my parents faced the decision on how to educate me. Since then, I have had the unique opportunity of experiencing both homeschool and public school environments. However, this decision is not simply made by flipping
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Statistically speaking, the average family today has two working parents (“Two Working Parent”). This virtually rules out the idea of homeschooling altogether, but can also reduce parental involvement in the public schooled child’s school and personal life. Most parents do not get off work until after the student has already returned from a public school, and has been home alone for hours. A few try to offer their assistance on homework and question the events of the day, however others either do not ask, or simply get little to no information from a student who desires to keep school separate from home. However, trying to separate the home from homeschooling is much more difficult. Although not required, in most cases, one or both parents will be the teacher of a subject. In the past, my mom taught me and my brother our math and science, while our “principle,” more commonly known as dad, would deliver the current events - with his commentary - over dinner that evening. Although family bonding is important, too much time together is potentially poisonous. I would mostly handle my schoolwork alone in my room, so I never felt like I spent too much time with my mom. However, almost all of my non-homeschooled friends have expressed how they would never be able to handle their parents all day, every day. Speaking on behalf of their parents, I am sure that feeling is mutual. When it becomes time to apply for colleges, public school counselors guide the students step by step through the process and have official transcripts to send in. For homeschoolers, however, the process is different and much more complicated. The parents are the counselors, and they write the transcript for their child to send to the colleges. Parents are also in charge of signing up their students for the proper testing and knowing the application process. Overall, family is the power source of a
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