What Are The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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Being Schooled on the Cons of Homeschooling “Adults who were homeschooled often reference extreme social awkwardness as an obstacle they experienced upon entering college or the workforce.” (Whelan). Homeschooling may be a beneficial alternative to public and private schooling, but when the facts are shown and the first hand experiences are dealt with, it is understood that homeschooling has a negative impact. There are many different reasons as to why homeschooling a student can impact their skills in both an educational way and a personal way. Students should not be homeschooled because students who are typically miss out on obtaining skills that are needed in order to advance in the real world.
A skill that is needed to advance in the
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Public school, again, especially high school, really helps a child form bonds that could not be formed in a homeschooling environment, such as teacher and student bonds. Being away from others their own age excludes students from learning this skill, which could definitely lead to problems forming relationships in the future, whether that being professional relationships or personal relationships. “I’m not saying parents can’t do that, but it’s not the same. Teachers have a big influence.” (Cavazos). Parents can be influential for their children, but it would be very biased because they control what the child is learning. Parents who do not allow their children to learn the same curriculum that public school attending children are learning are sheltering them, in a way; prohibiting them from learning the things that public school will teach them. “Improving students' relationships with teachers has important, positive and long-lasting implications for both students' academic and social development.” (Rimm-Kaufman). Students and teacher bonds are one of the most important bonds because if a teacher gets through to a student, then that student has a better chance of making it in the…show more content…
A child automatically starts off with no skill in public speaking, which is why they are taught the best they can be, and in this case, public school is a great way to get them started. Public speaking in front of a student’s family members is easy because they are comfortable in front of them, but learning is supposed to be scary, it is supposed to intrigue and frighten students, and public speaking is one of the most uncomfortable thing a child or young adult could do. “You’re not going to have the different backgrounds of people to deal with, people from different ethnic groups, different economic groups.” (Cavazo). Homeschooled students will not be able to have these interactions with people different from them, which can cause them to be caught in a scenario in which they are terrified to talk in front of a diverse group of people, which can take a toll on their professional life. Although public speaking is terrifying, it is deemed as necessary. “Mastering the art of public speaking requires the use of academic skills, but also tempers character, and challenges a student to do his or her best.” (Bowen). If a child is without the skill of public speaking, how are they going to give speeches in front of their boss at work? Lacking that skill can seriously damage their
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