Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

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Mental disorders are rapidly becoming more common with each new generation born in the world. Currently, nearly one in two people suffer from some form of depression, anxiety, or other mental health problem at some point in their lives (Editor). With so many people suffering from their mental illnesses, steps have been taken in order to get help needed for these people but progress has been slow. In the medical world, hospitals are treating those with physical problems with more care than those with mental problems. Prescription drugs can only do so much helping the mentally ill go through their daily lives and more should be done to help those who need more than medicine to cope with their illness. Mental health should be considered just as important as physical health because of how advanced physical healing is, how the public reacts to those with mental illness, and due to the consequences that could happen if the illness is not correctly helped. The Affordable Care Act was created to provide mental health coverage for those who cannot afford it but actions are being taken to get rid of what is benefiting …show more content…

Care for bodily injuries is advancing greatly to the point where people could get new limbs if they were previously lost or unusable. The same cannot be said about mental care. Research and care for mental health has been diminished greatly in the past number of years and is still being worked at so its benefits would not be received by those who need it to improve their lives. If the world treated physical illness the same way they treat mental illness, then there would be change to improve how physical health is treated. Mental health should be taken seriously by the public to help those in suffering now and in the

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