Persuasive Essay On Mental Illness

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Janice Lloyd, health reporter for USA Today, states that of the 45.9 million people who reported having a mental illness, only 39.2 percent of those people said they received treatment. With those statistics, it calculates out to be that 27,907,200 people did not receive the proper care that they need. There could be a wide range of reasons why people did not receive treatment, but a large reason is the stigma behind mental illness. It causes the people struggling with a mental illness to be embarrassed of their disorder; sadly, I was one of them. I felt ashamed to admit to my friends and family about my depression because I was deeply afraid of how they might view me differently. After experiencing those type of feelings, it made me realize…show more content…
Druss, Emory University, and Deborah A. Perlick, Mount Sinai Hospital of New York City, listed that independent living, education/employment, and good mental and physical health are connected to a good quality life (39). When comparing someone who has a mental illness and those three assets, it would be observed that they do not possess all three. In some cases, they may have one or two of the assets, then there are others who do not have any. Having specific services available gives those people the potential to achieve and retain independent living, an education/employment and good mental and physical health. Which is exactly what Hope Network 's services does for all sorts of people, even those without a mental illness. On the official Hope Network website they specify the living accommodations they offer specifically for people with a mental illness. For example, Residential Treatment, Specialized Residential Treatment, Crisis Residential Treatment, and Supported Independent Living (Hope Network). Where each one meets the particular needs of each individual patient. Everyone’s mental illness’ or struggles are one-of-a-kind and Hope Network is aware of that. These services are very beneficial to those who do not have the ability to live on their own and also helps them have a better mental and physical…show more content…
In a report by the National Alliance of Mental health, an organization committed to making the lives of Americans better who are affected by mental illness, they state that it is more successful when a rehabilitation program places people with a mental illness in a job rather than just train (3). Hope Network uses a clever approach to apply this method. Hope Network Services Corporation supplies their own janitorial services to businesses and organizations in which they employ individuals who have severe disabilities (Hope Network). They have no judgement or discrimination against these individuals. Even though there are risks involved, Hope Network still gives them this opportunity. For the other people who do not obtain a job from Hope Network, they still provide many activities that give them the ability for successful employment, such as personalized skill assessments, employability skills training, resume writing and interview practice, hands-on occupational specific skills training, and job placement and retention support services (Hope Network). No matter what employment services they receive from Hope Network, they will always

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