Argumentative Essay On Mental Illness

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Having an illness can have an affect on an individual either physically or mentally. Anyone can be a victim of a mental illness such as, children 's, adults and senior citizens, it is not rare. There are hundreds of different types of mental illnesses and with more to be discovered in the near future. Struggling to accomplish a certain assignment or not being able to speak properly, can all be signs of someone who is suffering from a mental illness. Major depression, autism, anxiety and Schizophrenia, are just some disorders that can affect an individual’s state of mind, and over time if not not cured, it could become highly dangerous, but medications and therapy play a key role in controlling it. For some individuals enjoying life becomes…show more content…
For children 's suffering from mental illnesses, many famous athletes and musicians attend charities to help them with their struggles, by either contributing with their money or by making them smile with their presence. Disorders and illnesses can put an individual at a disadvantage, because they are not as capable to reach their full capacity, as compared to someone who is not suffering from a mental condition. Some individuals are even willing to commit murder, because they are not in the right state of mind. Problems dealing with the human brain can become very dangerous, a person could either take his or her life away or they take someone 's…show more content…
Self-esteem is a psychological factor of depression, having a low self-esteem can increase chances of developing depression. Having a low self-esteem means viewing yourself in a negative way, not being appreciative of your appearance. A person with a negative attributional style may blame himself when bad things happen in his life, even when those events were of his his control. Over time, this pattern may contribute to depression (Hazen 83). Some social factors can also play a critical role in the development of depression. Having good relationships with family members and friends can help shield against social

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