Persuasive Essay On Marriage And Divorce

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Did you know that there is one divorce every 36 seconds? That’s almost 876,000 divorces a year, 16,800 a week, and 2,400 a day. Individuals dependably think, “Oh, that won’t happen to us, solely others get separated.” It’s like we think our marriage is resistant to battling, heartache, and who is parenting children correctly, if kids are in the picture. After all, why would we walk down the aisle if we knew our marriage would end in a barbaric divorce? Marriage and divorce are not 50/50. What marriage is, is 100/ 100. It’s giving it everything you’ve got, not dividing everything in half. A Christian marriage is different from a regular one because it is under God, the couples act differently, and they are serious about the promise…show more content…
In your relationship, it should be two believers. If there is one believer and one unbeliever, the Bible calls this ‘Unequally yoked.’ Some Christians think they can change the other in a relationship. It is easy for darkness to consume you. A non-Christian can make sin look very attractive; this makes it easy for a Christian to fall into the trap.There is absolutely nothing about this list that looks attractive, yet, we get sucked in so easily. Giving the devil a foothold will drag you down. A Christian marriage is one that ought to be entered into for the glory of God. Marriage may be a tremendously sacred union that should not be entered into impetuously. Men and Women ought to provide careful thought of being engaged for a minimum of one year before vows are exchanged. Marriage is a sacred establishment that nobody should dive straight into. It is a lifelong commitment. Once a couple is united and they spill their vows, before God and each other, they need to stay married until death with few exceptions. Christ spoke that the sole reason for divorce is adultery (Matthew 5.32). Once united, the couple should act like they are the same

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