Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Climate change can affect everyone in many different ways, take for example the summertime heat. Think of the hottest day you’ve ever experienced throughout your life, the hot sun beating down on you and the only thing you’re thinking of is “how long do I have to deal with this?” Well, with the current effects taking place due to excessive amounts of greenhouse gases and use of non renewable resources going on, after a certain period of time that weather will be a whole 12 degrees hotter than it is today. So imagine that same day, the heat you had dealt with, except a whole 12 degrees even hotter, that is the kind of heat we are going to be dealing with if we do not change the way we are handling things. If for some reason we don 't stop, then we should at…show more content…
She explains, that with the current weather changes not only will it get hotter, but our infrastructure is just not built to withstand these sorts of dramatic weather changes and with these issues rising all over the world. The amount of resources wasted on trying to fix railroad systems and roads would be very costly especially for countries that rely on their roads and railroad systems. Not only that but our building are suppose to be designed to be comfortable within a particular temperature range, and power stations are designed to be cooled with water at certain temperatures. With our climate changing these will also be affected and if we continue to let these important structures get damaged, the price to repair these buildings, roads, stations, etc will eventually become more costly than we can afford. If we can lower our greenhouse gas emissions then we would not have to deal with issues like the amount of structural damage we would have to deal with, as well as saving money from repairing

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