Persuasive Essay On Adopted Children

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When a child is brought into this world, 98% of them are placed into their mom’s arms to later be brought safely home with their biological family.(Pacheco, Frances, and Robert Eme) However, for that 2% that does not have that happy ending, they are put up for adoption. At a young age, the adopted child will not understand this. Yet as they grow, it will be a thought that stays in the back of their mind. They will constantly have the question “will I ever meet my biological parents?” replaying in their head. These long-term effects on the adopted child can be prevented if the biological parent is allowed into their child’s life. The biological parents should be able to see their adopted child because they have rights that allow them to, the child should be aware of their birth parents, and although they gave their child up, people and circumstances can change with time. When a mother gives birth to a baby, even if adopted, she will forever be the baby’s parent by law. Because of these …show more content…

Psychologists conducted a study of a four year old adopted child named Ella to see how she responded and reacted to people. While analyzing her playing with dolls, she said to one of the adults “Can I live with you? I have no home. I have no family. I have to steal food or starve to death.”(Kaufman, Adele) This article clearly shows that because of her birth parent(s) giving her up, it has affected the way she portrays family. The relationship between a child and parent is crucial in the development process. While the child is young, they might not be aware of the fact they are adopted. As they grow up this will become obvious. If the birth parents are involved in their life it will prevent this confusion when they are old enough to understand their

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