Persuasive Essay On Foster Care

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Everyone knows about foster care but do not realize the impact it has on humans ' lives. “More than 400,000 children are placed in foster care annually, with more than 200,000 moving in and out of foster homes in giving year” (Brozak, 1). Foster care changes and benefits people live, from the child to the parent. By foster care you save more lives than just the foster child. Although, foster parenting come with barrage of challenges. It provides many advantages for the people in need. Having foster children in your home is a blessing to the child, foster parents, and birth parents. Foster children grow as an individual, though foster care. They become resilient by surviving day to day. Foster children become strong, self-reliant, determined,…show more content…
Foster parents goal is to provide for the child with stability as well as whatever help the child may need in terms of: medical or psychological (Brozak, 1-2). By fostering out these children they are provide a safe environment for them. Knowing that someone saved and made a difference in this child 's life is a blessing. This helps them during this transitional period. Some people believe that foster care can cause problems in the family. As in, not being able to have your own space, being emotional, or having a hard time adjusting. What people do not see Is these benefits your family. They began to learn how to serve others by welcoming people in need to their home. They learn how to share their space and important people as in, mom and dad. There becomes an extension in foster care. Foster children gain more caring adults through foster parents and other extended family. Family will also gain a broader world view. They will learn about different cultures, races, and family values. A family picks up all these traits from their parents fostering a child. It provides a family with a boarder aspect of life and improves their social kills and ways to work with others. This will help your family in their adult life. By foster care you are benefiting the foster child, foster family, but also the birth parents of the…show more content…
51% of the birth parents do gain their children back, and 5% allow home visit (@Fosterclub, 4). Once the child enters foster care the birth parent still has a chance to watch them grow and improve. Some foster parents will keep in contact with the birth parents. “When there is direct contact between the foster parent and birth parents; the foster parents can serve as mentors for the birth parents” (Resource, 2). They can be models of effective parenting. Foster parents can provide learning opportunities for the birth parent to practice parenting skills. When the birth parents see their child in foster care; the birth parents notice the how the child is improving. When the birth parents see improvement of their child, they began to realize they need to better themselves. The birth parents tend to improve themselves to provide for the child and give them what they need. While it is up to the biological family, parents can choose to stay in touch with their child’s foster family by asking them to babysit or remain a resource in terms of the child’s education, training, or therapy (Brozak, 3). Once the birth parent improves the environment to the child they usually gain custody back. From the foster parents keeping in touch with the birth parents; the birth parents will tend to use the foster parent as a source when they need help. By foster care it has brought
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