The Advantages and Disadvantages of Close and Open Adoption

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The best things in life come free to us. Our parents are one of the most important and fundamental in our life. However, people generally wonder, do adopted children feel the same way we do? Adoption is not easy, it's full of risks, simply because no one is aware of the future, the person adopting a child will never know how the child will react once he's aware he's adopted. Will they grow to love them, hate them, admire them or fear them? All of these unanswerable questions makes any person think twice before having the courage to adopt. Adoption never fails to put down any parents' feelings, whether they were homeless, abandoned, poor or runaway children and also families who don't have the option of being biological parents, the pleasure it gives to all of those people exceeds all of it's expected problems. However; adoption has some positive sides. It's one of life's fair treaties. It gives hope and integrity to the families who weren't fortunate to conceive; moreover, it changes the life of the child forever mostly positively. That's why many people support adoption worldwide.
Adoption is basically the process whereby a person or a family decide to take the responsibility of a child and take care of him as parents although their not his biological ones, from childhood all the way to adulthood. Adoption nowadays is quiet different, because it basically fixes all of the homeless, neglected, abused and runaway children problems and also parents who have problems giving birth. At the beginning of the adoption procedure, it may seem difficult to love the child but after a while they end up loving the adoptee just like if he was their child and this was proven by almost all the families who took adoption as a solu...

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...ilies. It will always be a solution to parents who know that they are not capable of raising their children and also to people who get pregnant due to a mistake but don't want to use abortion as a solution. Other than all of this, to some extent adopted children feel the same way we do, they get treated fairly and equally, they get the love and care they deserve, and they feel like a part of the family. However; some families feel like they don't own their child and they discriminate them, overly punish them and abuse them.

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