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1724 words

In any culture, there is the perception of the pregnancy. Pregnancy is the real indication of the procreation to replace the old generation with the new ones since death is inevitable. But for some unavoidable reasons one may decide not to get pregnant and though she gets pregnant, she may choose not to give birth by carrying out abortion. Abortion has therefore been the most issue of concern globally, the main reason being it denies one’s life. Reasons for carrying out abortion or terminating the pregnancy are varied, and majority carry it for various reasons that many not be known to those not involved, but only the mother sometimes knows even the sire of the child may not be aware. Therefore, various methods have been implemented to create …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that abortion has been the most issue of concern globally, since it denies one's life. contraceptives are the safest and efficient means of preventing pregnancy.
  • Analyzes how rosemary's decision to give birth to a child confirms the strength of the mother in contributing to procreation which is of importance to the country.
  • Analyzes how rosemary's son is perceived to be related to satan by the critics. they celebrate the evil deeds instead of good things that can be attributed to both child and mother.
  • Explains that abortion is a pro-choice issue in the u.s., since women who are compromised by pregnancy have the choice to abort to preserve the life of the mother.
  • Explains that biological reproductive is a choice that is private between the woman and the man. historically, women carried fewer abortions since the level of indiscipline were too low.
  • Explains that the community is now working to minimise abortion by giving birth when there are pregnancy and encouraging use of contraceptives to protect the unwanted pregnancy.

13). Contraceptives from my view point are the safest and efficient means of preventing pregnancy rather than aborting. For some unavoidable circumstances this has proven impossible to some ladies and to make it painful some men who are responsible for the pregnancy denies it with a lot of bitterness and the lady sought an alternative to getting the burden out of his way. This paper ought to explain the ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ an American psychological horror written to Polanski. This is a story of a pregnant woman according to the film who discovers the father of the baby is a devil …show more content…

To narrow it down, in U.S, it is still a sensitive issue that cannot be avoided in some situations. Therefore, it is a pro-choice, since, women who their future is compromised by the pregnancy have the choice to abort to preserve the life of the mother. Rape cases have also made ladies to abort since this was not planned for. It is in the case of Rosemary who opted to give birth, though the man attributed to being the father of the baby is a devil worshipper and also it may be because she was abiding by the culture that did not allow abortion. Also, some healthy problems may hinder carrying out abortion. The abortion issue is clearly outlined out and whoever goes against the legal procedure is against the law and the social norms of the people. From the film of Rosemary’s baby, the artist describes Rosemary as the mother, who is much interested and respect the right of the unborn despite his situation she decides to be pregnant for nine months (Levin, Ira, and Mia Farrow, pg. 67). During those nine she experiences a lot of pain until she decides to get a doctor to be treating her. Also, she got some friends who could give her emotional support during this difficult moment. According to the film, giving birth is allowed, therefore, acting as means of discouraging unnecessary abortion since you have the probability of giving birth to a very important child like this case based on what the people consider the best for them at

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