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Even though abortion is legal in the United States it should be considered murder. The heart and brain are one of the first things to develop on the newborn baby, which can conclude that the baby has feelings (“Surgical Abortions”). A surgeon and a baby can be equivalent to a mechanic and the car it is working on, it is their job to get the car out and running in one piece. The difference between the car and the baby is that a car comes in parts and can be easily taken apart like most machines. All vehicles have multiple parts to them that can be taken away or can be added to them. But, once a child is taken away, they are gone forever, that specific child can never be brought back into the world unlike a machine such as a car. A single celled organism is considered a life; therefore, an unborn fetus should be considered a life as well. Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding a pregnancy may be tragic. Perhaps the woman was raped and became pregnant, the baby had been diagnosed with a defect, or the woman’s health might be at risk. Accordingly so, making an abortion seem like it may be okay due to those tragic events. However, one tragedy will not answer these problems with another one occurring. Murdering could be easily defined as killing somebody who does not want to be killed, as well as, cannot speak for one selves (Dictionary).
To begin, a child does not have a choice whether it would like to be born or not. It was the person’s decision to have unprotected intercourse with his or her partner. Abortion may seem to be the only option people have when they become pregnant. When having intercourse, it should not be something that is taken lightly. The couples, who are sexually active, should know all the pre...

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