Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Its cold, shiny and deadly. No it is not my heart, its guns. The media may display the weapon as cool however guns should not be played with because they are weapons that can leave one dead or seriously injured. There are those who feel that the only solution to feel protected is to have even more guns in the U.S. The question is, who are people protecting themselves from exactly? As comedian Jim Jefferies mentioned in one of his skits on gun control, does one really have that many enemies that one needs to be armed? Yes, the second amendment states that citizens have the right to bare arms, but there are those who take advantage of the amendment. As a result a handful of those who abuse the the opportunity are the reason for massive shootings…show more content…
That is the irony with having the ability to own a gun. People buy guns to protect themselves and their families and as a result one is most likely to be killed because there is a fire-arm in the house. Apart from that in the article “End the Gun Epidemic in America” posted by the editorial board on The Opinion, the board feels that “these are weapons of war, barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools”. When having the right to own a gun, one must not forget that it is weapon that can instantly kill someone. Anyone has the ability to purchase a gun without any question asked, why? One reason might be because store owners infer that the reason for purchasing is for safety precautions and also the store has made profit . Many forget that those are weapons, deadly weapons and yet America does little to no progress in regulating the issue of guns. America needs to do something about the gun epidemic in the US, and there are a handful of ways to…show more content…
Perhaps raising the age limit to purchase guns since a majority of the recent killers were in their late teens to about late 20’s. Another possible solution is to have those who own guns to always have an ID with them showing that he or she owns a gun. The biggest solution is to lower the amount of guns available in the US to citizens. In David Auerbach’s article “The Gun Debate Won’t be Won With Statistics”, Auerbach makes a comment that “States with more firearm laws tend to have fewer shooting fatalities.” By lowering the number of fire-arms available to the public, that means that less people will be able to have a gun in their home and that results in having a low homicide rate. When purchasing a gun, one feels more powerful knowing that he or she is in possession of a war weapon, if limiting that power one will not feel the need to shoot because of irrational decisions made for having power from owning a gun. Recognizing that states with more gun laws have had less fatalities it is time for the government to set those laws in action all across the United States. As extreme as the idea may sound to some, allowing the government to have control over stricter gun laws in the country is a much better solution than giving Americans even more freedom to allow more guns to civilians. The American society must open their eyes to the positive side of

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