Persuasive Essay About Back Pain

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“I said the three things that you told me to say to myself. And I used the feeling that you told me to attach to it. And then I just quieted my mind and just waited there.”

I waited there for a few minutes and then I felt this quiet and calm, deep inside. After a few more minutes of feeling this, I felt that I wanted to get up and make myself some nice dinner. I even said to myself: “This isn’t so bad, I can deal with this”.

This simple strategy can also work for you as well. Those three things that I asked her to say to herself and the feelings that had to go along with it can do wonders for you too.

I know this for sure, because it has already helped thousands of people like yourself, live normal lives.

Most people think that their pain
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One type is the physical pain with physical and actual damage in the spine. The second type is the feelings or imagination-based pain.

Majority of people do not know how to distinguish the two and get confused.

People think that solving the physical cause of back pain will stop pain altogether. The more people keep trying to fix their physical pain, the more “solutions” people are trying to find, the more confused they become and the more they actually end up hurting themselves.

The more you search and try “this and that”, the more confused and engrained with pain your mind becomes and the less your body heals.

Most people, including professionals feel that the more you do to heal pain, the more options you look for, and the more treatments you get, the more you will heal.

I state with certainty that the more you search and the more you test and try “this and that”, the more confused you get and the less it will help.

The more you search, the more you focus on the pain.

When you are thinking of pain, you give it power over you.

When you feel your pain, you let it dominate your life.

When you try to complain about it to yourself, you are only re-enforcing
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Have to protect your brain from these emotions.

Allow your mind to open up to the possibility of being pain-free for the rest of your life. Say this to yourself: “I AM in the process of looking for a solution, I will find it. I am doing it now, I feel you (pain) but I will focus elsewhere. I HAVE to, if I want to be pain-free for the rest of my life.”

This is what your feelings will say: “Okay, so then you have to do these things... You have to find the right solution for the physical aspect of the illness, and stop dwelling on it, stop internalizing it, let us accept healing.”

“But I think that I am not going to success”.Your rational and fearful mind responds.

There it is again. Your mind tries to win an argument. And your mind, is wrong this time. You will not win this way.

Your pain will subside once you stop focusing on it and giving it more thought. Just allow your mind to accept the new feeling of being healed.

If your mind still wants to feel a bit of pain, its fine. If your mind keeps going to this thought of pain, its fine, accept it for now. Don’t fight it just for now. But have a second tract running alongside. If your mind WANTS to think that its in pain, accept it just for now. Don’t focus on it. Its
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