Persons of Influence: Albert Einstein and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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1674 words

The world everyone lives in has undergone many phases of change throughout history.

These changes occur because of the people living on it. Some of these amazing people that have

impacted the world are Albert Einstein and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Such things that have

impacted the world may be the creation of satellites that help transmit wireless signals in many

technological devices that can only be thought by Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein had a very

challenging childhood, but that cannot stop him from being creative and intelligent. Other things

that changed the world are making world peace and strengthening the economy which was led by

one of the greatest leaders, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt was one of the best

presidents in the United States who brought America up from a treacherous journey of failures to

stability and prosperity. Although they were both influential, Albert Einstein had more influence

and impact on the world then and still today.

Albert Einstein earned the Nobel Peace prize for the great things he has done and

contributed to the scientific world. Albert Einstein used his intelligence to solve the theories that

are being used to solve the mysteries that puzzled many scientists. The world can never be the

same today without Albert Einstein according to “Einstein’s Legacy”, physics was at its golden

age, and without Albert Einstein, that task could not be possible. It has transformed the earth,

and it affected our world tremendously (Cowen). It was not always easy being Albert Einstein

according to “Einstein’s Century”, Albert was not the easiest person to be with. He would spend

many hours trying to prove something that was already accepted as fact by ot...

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