Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Life Of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Imagine you are in a time and place you don’t want to be in. It’s 1933 and America is going through a crisis that you have to solve. You’re elected president and it’s time to solve this great big tragedy. It’s a great story that has changed America and its citizens. This is the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On January 30,1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born. Sara Delano Roosevelt , Roosevelt’s mother decided to give him her maiden name as his middle name. In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s younger years his mother picked all the clothes he had to wear. Which resulted in him wearing a dress until he was five.

FDR’s education and studying habits were held to high standards. His mother tried her best to encourage him to practice in a democratic way. He went to school at Columbia University Law School, Groton Preparatory School and Harvard University. After exiting Harvard he entered law school. He didn’t graduate but, he did get into the New York City law firm of Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn.
In 1933 FDR was elected President Of The United States. One unique thing about Roosevelt is that he was the only president to be elected 3 times. He ran against Herbert Hoover who was elected the 31st president 4 years before FDR’s term and,was running again for a second term. During FDR’s presidency he led the country through WWII and The Great Depression.

When FDR was elected, he knew what this country was going through, and he knew what he had to deal with then prepared himself for what he had to do. This inspired him to create the New Deal. This program he created help lead this country through most of its poverty. This program is what he is mostly famous for and why he was elected 4 times!
During WW2 FDR created The Lend Lease p...

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...ident Truman didn’t know about it until he was elected as president. was so secret the vice president Truman didn’t know about it until he was elected as president.

The United States to this day is still afraid that other countries might use atomic bombs for mass destruction. They had to keep this bomb secret so that the other countries didn’t think they were trying to destroy them. If they found out then it would start an atomic war. Causing a 2nd war that the United States didn’t need or want. This project was actually dangerous so dangerous that the explosion would be catastrophic. Destroying so much land.

Franklin Delano roosevelt was an inspiration. He was what everyman wanted to be. Sure he had his ups and downs in his career but, he was a great leader. he was the start of everything great this country has. This is the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
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