Albert Einstein: The smartest man of his time

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Imagine you are a Jewish person in Nazi Germany; you see other Jewish people being oppressed of their rights. You look around and see Nazis driving around in cars with swastika on the car’s door and on flags waving in the wind. This is how Albert Einstein lived for 19 years of his life. Albert Einstein was a hero, because most people think that a hero is helpful, and Albert Einstein really did help us understand more about science then ever thought. In the essay I will go over three things, Albert’s biography, Albert’s Problems / Struggles and Albert’s Accomplishments. Albert Einstein, the father of the atom bomb, the most inflectional physicist of the 20th, the creator of the equation E=mc2, Einstein are all these and many more, if I got you interested in the subject of Albert Einstein then continue to read my essay and see why he fled Germany, how he became the father of the atom bomb and why he was on someone wanted to assassinate him. A Chronological Background Biography Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 the miracle of birth had happened for Albert Einstein’s parents. In Ulm, Wür Hemberg, Germany. In 1880 around the age of one Albert Einstein and his whole family relocated to Munich. That is where Einstein would later start his school career; at Luitpold Gymnsiu. Einstein had two middle class Jews for parents. Einstein’s dad, Herman Einstein, at first Einstein’s father was a feather bed salesman; he later started and with moderated success running an electrochemical factory. His mother, Pauline Einstein ran the family house hold as her occupation. Albert Einstein had two major experiences that had happened and had affected him. One was at age five when he found a compass and was forever mystified by invisible forces... ... middle of paper ... ...he assassination target of the Nazi, the physics that changed the world. These are all title that applies to Albert Einstein. Einstein was a very famous person for better or for worse, he did so many good things, some like E=mc2 lead to some bad stuff like the atom bomb. In my opinion I think that Einstein was amazing and people took his Ideas and made bad stuff from it. To close out my essay I would just like to say, if you think Einstein is a evil person for creating the atom bomb, just to let you know Einstein never came close to the atom bomb he only was smart and thought up the equation that lead to the atom bomb. As I sated earlier in my paper he was a pacifies. Einstein was only smart person that had his ideas taken and made evil. Einstein made so many ground breaking discoveries. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein
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