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My writing process is very simple and usually doesn’t take me very long, (which could explain why my essays aren’t that good). I don’t really take the time I need to write a good essay due to the fact that I procrastinate heavily when it comes to writing. Usually it comes down to the work before the essay, my actually writing process, and the editing after my essay. When I am first given a writing assignment I would first look at what kind of essay I am writing. It could be an argumentative, comparison, literary analysis, creative, and/or problem solving essay. I then decide on the way I want to structure the essay, for example an argumentative essay would probably have two strong points and a paragraph designated for rebuttals. After I …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they don't take the time to write a good essay due to procrastination. it comes down to the work before the essay, their actual writing process, and the editing after.
  • Explains how they start writing an argumentative, comparison, literary analysis, creative, and/or problem-solving essay.
  • Explains that each essay type has a different introduction, which includes the book, , and context in which they are writing that essay.
  • Explains that when they complete the writing portion, they then grammar and spell check the essay. the less time they have, the more they neglect this portion.
  • Opines that they do not create drafts or complete a pre-writing, but do the bare minimum to complete an essay in shortest time possible.

Then I would spend 0.5 seconds coming up with the title (it usually ended up being the first thing that came to my head). Next, I would work on creating an introduction, each essay type have a different introduction. For example, literary analysis would include the book I am reviewing and the author 's name, also the context in which I am writing that essay and why. The introduction didn’t really have a specific length, it just had to look long enough and the last sentence had to be the longest. When I start working on the body paragraphs I try to make sure I’m not going off on a tangent, so I try to keep the subjects in each paragraph separate. I usually use a lot of examples to help explain what I mean, most of the time I do not feel like I am able to accurately convey an idea without the use of examples. The body paragraphs typically have to be the longest and I usually spend the most time on them. If I do not feel like I wrote enough I will add a quote to fill up some space. They also have to be in order with my thesis, I will change my thesis if I find I am writing about something different in my paragraphs. The conclusion basically gets thrown to the side when I write it. I don’t know how to write a proper conclusion without reiterating myself, so I prefer to make it very brief and

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