Personal Values Development Paper

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Personal Values Development Paper

Personal values and ethical standards are almost like your DNA, individually yours.

There are so many people with different values and ethical standards that there may be some that are similar to yours, however, I believe that there are no two exactly alike. People's ethics and values are instilled by one's culture, background and environment. In my family, traditional values were very important to our upbringing. The concepts of religion, family, unity, honesty, and education were instilled at an early age. We were taught to obey and that the first duty of a child was to make our parents proud. I learned very early in my life about diversity, being one of six children brought up by the same set of parents and in the same environment with the same values how differently our values and ethics are.

As far back as I can remember my parents instilled into us that religion was the uttermost important thing in life. First was God and church then your family, every night we were reminded to say our prayers, to pray for our family, friends and those less fortunate than us. Without fail every Wednesday we attended bible study and every Sunday we attended church service. If for some reason we failed to come home on time to make bible study we were not allowed to go out or talk on the phone until we attended Sunday service or if we failed to make it to Sunday service we were not allowed to go out or talk on the phone until we attended Wednesday night bible study.

As children we had no problem attending services, however as teenagers my two older brothers and I started to have a little bit of a problem with this attending church twice a week thing. I remember accusing my parents of chuffing r...

... middle of paper ... the business owner of our family run business. And due to all the various types of responsibilities associated with each occupation, my personal values have gone through some adaptability or you may say maturity.

Which in part has made me the person I am today, I strive to impart good working values on to my employees by doing to them what I would have wanted someone to do for me. By example I strive to be an honest, compassionate, and trust worthy business manager and family member.

By no means am I perfect, believe me my family would vouch for that, however I do strive to instill into my nieces and nephews the same values and morals that my parents instilled into us. And everyday I strive to improve in each area just a little bit more, if I can help one person become a better person in my lifetime then my parents have succeeded in raising a good person.
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