Personal Philosophy Of Existentialism

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The philosophy of existentialism is solely related to encouraging student’s self-awareness, promoting high ambitions and pursuing life long goals. “Educations most important goal is to awaken human consciousness and create personal self-awareness that helps make each person authentic, genuine, and unique (Kaplan 183). I believe in supporting your student’s through motivation, and by showing genuine interest in their life both in and out of school. “Existentialism focuses on the existence of the individual and the individual responsibility,” (Kaplan 183). This is the foundation for high morals, integrity and honesty through the student’s life; the building blocks for the students future. My vision as a future elementary school educator depicts…show more content…
In order to perform to their best ability on their schoolwork, it is my opinion that it’s the teacher’s responsibility to provide the students with tools for success. “Many existentialist educators provide some curriculum structure,” (Kaplan 185). In my classroom, I will teach the students the importance of organizing thoughts and study habits that have helped myself or other students in the past. No matter their home life, chaotic or straight-laced, teaching them how to engage in their schoolwork in diverse environments. “The world is chaotic, producing anxiety and hurt. People free themselves from this this disorder through awareness and choices (Kaplan 183). This is essential for those who may not have particular routine in their life outside of the classroom as others do. Students EC-6 have separate teaching regimes that are meant particularly for the younger ages. Teaching them morals and how to strive for excellence should be taught in the classroom of elementary schools. While some may comment that early childhood education is “babysitting,” they are tremendously wrong. Teaching the EC-6 students are bringing brought up into society. Elementary school educators provide the knowledge children need for success, and it takes a difference in attitude in order to relay your message to the students. Teachers are there to educate and support the students, and…show more content…
Creating purpose in their lives daily and reaching out to each individual will protect and gain their trust. “Existential classrooms are open learning environments. Instruction is highly self-directed and self-paced and includes a great deal of individual contact with the teacher,” (Kaplan 186). Teachers have a dramatic impact on student’s lives. We help to model respect, ambition, and love. Children (EC-6) need to be equipped with confidence and high self-esteems. When focusing on positives and moral right and wrongs, teachers shape the future leaders and citizens of this country. I also believe that self-fulfilling prophecy draws impacts into a student’s life. Teachers have the power to change someone’s life, give him or her the compassion that they need. My classroom will be filled with a positive, kind, and trusting atmosphere. Teaching students that they are good enough, they are worth it, and they have a
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