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Philosophy: Getting Personal I could begin by saying that I choose nursing to help people, but then I would be following behind the other million people who say they chose nursing for the same reason. Even though I want to help people, I chose nursing because I wanted to inspire, to teach, to learn, and to make an impact on my patients, their families and also in society. I will not say nursing was always my first choice, but I ultimately choose nursing because nurses not only care, but they also volunteer despite their busy schedules, are constantly learning, and are always giving back to the community. The cliché for choosing a career in health care is a need to help people, but I wanted to do so much more than just help people. I want to make an impact on someone’s life. A lot of what many people don’t understand is that nurses aren’t just there to help the sick, but the title of nurse comes with an array of jobs ranging anywhere from caregiver to educator. I choose nursing because my philosophy, my values, and my beliefs, guided me to a profession in which I would gain fulfillment, knowledge. The Fundamentals of Nursing textbook by Carol Taylor states that “Nurses demonstrate both a personal and professional philosophy through their values and beliefs about concepts such as goodness, health, illness, accountability, and ethics” (Taylor, 2015, p. 26). For example, if you value and believe in honesty than you are going to be honest in your practice. On the other hand, you also would not like to work in a place or even with someone who is dishonest. Your philosophy will usually incorporate your core values and your focus. Your philosophy reflects who you are as a person and who you are going to be in the workplace, just as a nur... ... middle of paper ... ...erve as a guide for your practice. The nursing philosophy describes the beliefs and values, but changes over time in our ever changing world. The core and the focus of nursing are important to guide and serve the practice. What I believe now to be the core and focus of nursing as a student may change later down the road. Even if my philosophy changes, I will always believe the primary focus of nursing is the patient and to keep that focus you must be willing to care and sacrifice. My vision for myself as a nurse is that as a nurse, even as a nursing student, I will always take the time to give back. I will stay educated and informed and will provide my patients with the best care available. I will never let my patients become a dollar amount. I will continue to let my goal of becoming a nurse be to give someone’s family another chance, to educate, and to give back.
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