Personal Narrative - Severe Chest Pain Attack

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Silent Killer Today was like supposed to be just like every other day. On another early Monday morning, just like every time I had to get up 2 hours before school, I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast at 6:30. I clean the mess from last night’s dinner with my brother and get ready to go with my carpool to school, because just like every other day, gas is expensive. Funny thing about the carpool, which comes at 7:00 sharp, 7:30 came and she didn’t show up, Therefore, we ended up waking up my father and dragging his tired angry self to school. I had forgotten my wallet at home, so I wasn’t going to have lunch and I didn’t eat breakfast either. Around 11:00, I start my pre-calculus class where we are doing long division of polynomial functions when it hits me. Pain. Intense sharp needle like pain in my chest. Subtle at first, but as I continue breathing, the pain gets worse. So, to solve this, I thought my chair was too tight to the desk. I moved back. Not helping. Clenched at the chest and bent over. Breathed slower. Not helping. Tore off my jacket and bent over in my chair fully. Not helping. And my breath kept getting shorter and shorter until I was barely gasping one every 5 seconds. I reached over and hit my friend and she got the point. Mr. Courtney phoned the principal, vice principal and school administrator. They all came down and told me to lie on the floor. By this time, I was nauseous and convulsing because of lack of oxygen and trauma. I lie there shaking as my teacher moves tables and finds jackets so that I can get my head elevated. The students leave the classroom. My teeth start chattering and I am near tears when the paramedics come in, 8 grown men with machines, clipboards, walkie talkies, and suits storm into the classroom and strap things on me. A red-lighted finger clamp to check my pulse, a blood pressure thing on my arm to check my blood, and 4 sticky clamps attached to wired to check other vitals of some sort. After 15 minutes, the pain subsides almost completely, except when I started to stand. Vital signs, good. Blood pressure, Good. Pulse, strong steady and fast. Adrenaline rush, maybe. Anxiety attack, maybe. Hospitalization, not necessary. By that time, they had called my mom and she came down from North Scottsdale in 14 minutes.

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