Personal Narrative: Reflections of a Nursing Student

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As a nursing student, my job has been very involving. In my career, I have recognized that I play a major role of offering intensive care to patients who are recovering from surgery. I have managed to help a couple of patients regain consciousness and also am responsible for managing their condition until they are discharged. My responsibilities in post-anesthesia unit included the following:
My Roles in Post-Anesthesia Unit
My first role was to monitor patients who were out of theatre. I would do this by making sure that I continually evaluate the patient until he or she wakes up. Upon their waking up, I would help the patient understand their environment through regaining their consciousness. I would normally attend to few patients at a time so as to ensure that each patient got maximum attention. Major parameters that I used to monitor include pulse and heart rates.
My second role in the unit was to respond to various complications that arose as a result of cholecystectomy surgery. If the patient was frightened, I would speak to them in a good and reassuring voice so as to calm them. In some cases, patients were having trouble in breathing due to lying flat in one position for a long time during surgery. In these cases, I would ensure that I help the patient sit up, breathe deeply and cough so as to prevent some diseases like pneumonia. In dire circumstances, I was forced to insert a breathing line or breathing tube so as to help the patient breath.
My third role in the unit was to provide family members with education on how anesthesia works and what they should expect from the surgery. I also played an important role of explaining the potential side effects or complications of anesthesia that was used, such a...

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...ves. I was able to appreciate practical experience of what I have learnt in class. Through participating in the activities of the unit, I have learnt how critical thinking acts as an important tool in medical field and how effective utilization of this tool can help provide quality care to various patients in the post-anesthesia unit. However, I realized that I need to develop more skills on patient and family awareness on the issue of anesthesia and its side effects, pre-operative considerations, and on vital signs that indicate stability or instability of the patient

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