A Career in Anesthesiology

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My future career goal is to become an anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist administers an anesthetic to patients before going into surgery. They also have to keep monitor of vital life signs and make sure everything in the body is functioning properly while under the anesthetic. I think being an anesthesiologist is something I’d enjoy being because I like being in control. I like making sure people are okay and that is specifically what anesthesiologists do; they make sure the patient can’t feel any pain and is comfortable during surgery.

Anesthesia is used in almost every single surgery. It is a numbing medicine that numbs the nerves and makes the body go unconscious. You can’t feel anything or move while under the sedative and are often delusional after being taken off of the anesthetic. Believe it or not, about roughly two hundred years ago doctors didn’t use anesthesia during surgery. It was rarely ever practiced. Patients could feel everything and were physically held down while being operated on. 2It wasn’t until 1846 that a dentist first used an anesthetic on a patient going into surgery and the practice spread and became popular (Anesthesia). To this day, advancements are still being made in anesthesiology. 7The more scientists learn about molecules and anesthetic side effects, the better ability to design agents that are more targeted, more effective and safer, with fewer side effects for the patients (Anesthesia). Technological advancements will make it easier to read vital life signs in a person and help better decide the specific dosages a person needs.

Anesthesiologists have many responsibilities. 3They measure the patient’s temperature, pulse, heart rate, and breathing rate while under the sedative. They have...

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...le feel comfortable yet not feel any pain before, during, and after surgery requires much more responsibility than it sounds but in the end it is probably one of the most rewarding careers out there.

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