Personal Narrative: My Transition From High School To College

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During one of my rides for work at O'SNAP, I passed by a group of students gathered around in a circle on the sidewalk. After dropping off my party, I drove by them to ask if they needed a ride. They accepted, but one of the students was visibly ill. I asked if they needed assistance to get back to their dorm, but they insisted they were fine. Due to the policy of NDSP, student drivers aren't allowed to bring back students who are ill due to insurance policies. The student insisted they were fine, but was unable to maintain balance and felt light headed. There was an unopened water bottle in the vehicle I was operating and offered it to the student. The other students with the student helped me lower the student to sit on the edge of the curb. …show more content…

Although it is a seemingly trivial matter, it was a time in my life where I was away from the support of my family and friends and had to confront this battle myself. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and doomed for failure. The course load was more intense than my high school work and there was a lot of material I never learned that was needed prior for a few of my classes. I struggled to keep pace with some of my other classmates and had to sacrifice a lot of free time and participation in extracurriculars to keep afloat with the material. I thought I had a good grasp on time management, but my new college schedule tested by abilities. As the fall semester progressed, I was gaining confidence and skills in arranging my time in an effective way. Moreover, I was adjusting to the new sense of independence I was giving. Before going away to school, I would run errands and do tasks by myself and felt pretty independent, but I still had the comforts and reassurance of home. At ND, I had to adapt to this new meaning of independence and feeling of uncertainty. I was able to overcome this challenging time in my life by being patient and persevering until I felt more grounded with my

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