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This paper is about a reflection on a class interview for a senior social worker. The teacher gave every student ten minutes for this interview. The students did not have an idea of what their situation was about until couple minutes before the interview. This paper will focus on the limits of confidentiality for the client, potential assessment for the client, engagement with the client, and evaluation of the social worker. Scenario The story was about a social worker intern who was placed at the hospital emergency room. The social worker intern had to do an intervention to one of her classmates who is in the same social work program, Ralph. Ralph arrives in need of facial sutures after being involved in a fight at a party. With him is a 14-year-old girl who tells that she is his client at a foster family agency. They are both extremely intoxicated. The social worker intern was told…show more content…
The main concern for the social worker intern should have been to ensure safety in the room for her and her client. One red flag for the social worker is that Ralph was with a minor at the time of the accident and they are both intoxicated. This can be considered child endangerment or even child abuse. The social worker intern had to report this immediately to child protection services, and they will take care of that situation. After the report had been done, the social worker intern can focus more in her client and his needs. The client main concern was that the university would find out of the accident and kick him out of the program, and as a consequence his career would be over. For this same reason, the client had suicidal thoughts. The social worker intern should let the client know about limits of confidentiality and letting him know that she cannot tell that information for the university or anyone else. As a worker of the hospital, he is cover and she cannot say

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