Personal Narrative: Life In The Army

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1789 words

Since time began there has always been conflict. Whether it be religious, race oriented, or conflict over land. Conflicts have lead countries and nations to amass armies. While some armies are small, others may be vast in size. No matter the size of the Army they all have one thing in common… their Soldiers. As Non-Commissioned Officers we would be without a profession if we did not take care of, and retain our Soldiers. Through their mishaps and mistakes it is our job to lead them as they will, hopefully, be taking over our position as they climb the ladder to becoming the next great leader we aspire them to become. However, as in life, there are always trials and tribulations that come with life in the Military. We have all had Soldiers with …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that conflicts have led countries and nations to amass armies, and that they all have one thing in common: their soldiers.
  • Explains that ssg davis spent six years in the united states army as an infantry mortar man and served in stryker units, including maddog troop, longknife, and chosin company.
  • Describes how they kept in touch with tyler, jason, and joe after leaving maddog troop. joseph reenlisted to be an 11b infantryman in ft. bragg, north carolina.
  • Explains ralph nader's premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. the leaders of their prior unit had done a great unjust.
  • Describes jason young as the poster board american teenager you see in movies. he was an avid outdoorsman with a will to serve for his country and do what the nation asked of him.
  • Opines that mortar leaders need to engage their commanders more across the army so that events like this won't take place again.

I guess you could say “protected” us from the relentless tasking’s that came from regiment. The new Commander, however, must have been wronged in his past by an element of mortars as he would rarely allow the line platoons to accept tasking’s that would separate his platoons for periods of time. After several relentless months of seeing my soldiers for short spurts of time I began to see the change begin. Begin to see the soldiers that I had trained, the soldiers that would never make mistakes on their off time, would never slack on physical training. Well, they began doing all of these things. Over the span of another month I could sense their morale was beginning to decline, their attitudes and desires were becoming lackadaisical to say the least. This disheartened me as I knew the potential these soldiers had and to see them in this state upset me. As I would bring my complaints to the PSG of the status of our sections moral all he could do is take it to the 1sg, which was to no avail. Over a period of months the only Soldier to stay the course would be Boston. He knew that this wasn’t where he wanted to be, he wanted to be airborne. Where he could worry about being infantry and not get stuck supporting the Commander Cavalry Scouts with whatever training was set up for them that

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