Personal Narrative Essay: I Was Alice In Wonderland

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There I was running around and playing while everyone grieved. I had no knowledge of what we were gathered for, all I knew was that it was fun to pretend I was Alice in wonderland. The halls and walls lined up with flowers and flowered ornaments all throughout the house. The house wasn’t as dull as it would usually be, it was alive with colors now. My little black shoes shiny and cute with a big black bow right in the center, and my sparkly fluffy dress stood out from all the others. This vivid yet faint memory of what I thought was a family reunion was really my grandmother’s wake. My mother’s eyes swollen and red from all her crying, I thought if she would only eat something maybe she wouldn’t feel like crying so much. I remember standing …show more content…

I grew up very quickly, since I was the baby of the family and my siblings were twenty years apart I was always around grownups and rarely any kids, at least not my age kids. The only kids around me were my cousins who were around twelve years old or more. So, there I was playing around in a time of grievance for the loss of my grandma. I ran and hid behind one of the largest flowered ornaments I had ever seen. It must have been at least seven feet tall or bigger, but it was perfect for a princess throne, It was just right for me. My grandmother must have been very popular around her town because I remember crowds of people. There were so many people I they had placed chairs al on the outside of the house and even brought a truck full of tables so that people can eat all the food my aunts were making in the kitchen. I remember picking at all the different kinds of sweet bread and sweet dished they had. The smell of cinnamon and flowers filled the air throughout the house. My mom was so busy with all the people that kept walking up to her and making her cry more that she had no time to watch or control how much sweets I was eating. It was a free for

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