Personal Narrative: What I Learned In Class

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Since the beginning of taking this course, I have certainly reflected more and compared my experiences with drugs with what we have learned in class. Oddly enough, it made me think of something in my group of friends’ back home that just recently happened and made me reflect on our behaviors that are caused by these drugs. Unfortunately, it was a sad reason that I could reflect on this story. Let me give you some background. Back home, I tend to smoke pot, where as here I do not. My friends and I will smoke and hang out a few times a week and that is fine with me. When we smoke all together this is really the only time I smoke, I do it in a social matter rather than doing it by my lonesome or in boredom. Smoking pot is not something that I …show more content…

We all want what is best for each other. The day before I moved in after winter break, I received a text in a group chat with both of my friends where my second friend I had mentioned told us about his situation. He explained to us that he would be flying home with in the next few day and leaving school. We were curious as to why, we knew that pot was being an issue with him and his grades because he was not productive and feel behind. But, what we did not know was that the effect from pot on him began to decrease and he experimented with other drugs and quickly became getting hooked to them. He found himself in trouble and finally opened his eyes. He realized that he had really messed up and was addicted to these drugs that ultimately did have consequence. My friend had to leave a school that was a great school for his major and blew away an amazing opportunity because he lost the effect of pot and his compulsion for being high lead him to new drugs. Unfortunately, this led him to paying a consequence that I wouldn`t wish upon my worst enemy. But, on the bright side my friend is now able to get the help he needs and the support from his family and

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