Personal Experience With Health Care

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I have personally been affected by the mess that America calls a health system. In the same year, I had severe food poisoning and my stomach and intestines swelled. I had to be hospitalized for a day each, and was then sent home, even though I was still very ill. The reason? My family has no health coverage. Both my parents are very hard workers and own their own business. One would think that my household could afford health coverage, but we can't, despite the many hours a week and hard labor. So, without coverage, there are heavy bills to pay. My mom and I have calculated that my parents will be paying hospital bills long after I graduate from college. Because of two days in the hospital, six bags of saline, and a bagel from the hospital cafeteria. Insurance companies are too thorough and too picky with their selection process. The insurance companies choose people who are healthy, out of risk of serious illness, and are likely to pay. If someone starts out healthy, then becomes ill, then the insurance companies may deny some coverage. For example, Marcelas Owens, an eleven year old from Seattle, had his mother die due to lack of insurance. His mother died at the young age of 27 from pulmonary hypertension. Marcelas Owens then went on to go to the signing of the health bill, where he sat in the very room of Congress and President Barack Obama. Owens said “I don't want any other kids to go what I went through”. (“Faces of...Debate.” Page Two) Another victim of insurance companies, Molly Secours battled uterine cancer and nearly lost her home due to medical bills. She had health insurance, but was told that she was in need of a radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. She states, “I was consumed with the f... ... middle of paper ... ...y 2,100 doctors in Maine practice primary care and would qualify for a new payment bonus under the health insurance reform. So, doctors will still be maing money, and plenty of it (Health Insurance...Maine. Page Two). And there wouldn't be a long wait, despite what some media sources claim. For example, a video streaming the internet claiming that Lindsay McCrieth, a resident of Canada, would have died of a brain tumor if she hadn't of came to America to get a MRI (“Single Payer”). But, that video on the internet was made by Stuart Browning, who is infamous for making media against the Government. It was then found that the situation with McCrieth was not true, and that she did immediately get a MRI in Canada. Americans fine it so necessary to believe whatever they see in the media, then that leads to misguided thinking, and which then leads into a snowball effect.
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