Healthcare in America: At the Top of the List of Social and Eonomic Problems

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Healthcare has now become one of the top social as well as economic problems facing America today. The rising cost of medical and health insurance impacts the livelihood of all Americans in one way or another. The inability to pay for medical care is no longer a problem just affecting the uninsured but now is becoming an increased problem for those who have insurance as well. Health care can now been seen as a current concern. One issue that we face today is the actual amount of healthcare that is affordable. Each year millions of people go without any source of reliable coverage.
The Lack of health insurance coverage is most often the result of a combination of things. These factors include employment status, financial conditions and even health problems.(Feldman 2012) These three things can been seen as reasons why coverage can be difficult to obtain. In most states, insurers may deny applicants for coverage completely. They often try to impose either a permanent or temporary existing condition that puts limitation on your coverage. some may even charge a higher premium based on your health status your occupation, and other personal characteristics . (Institute 2009) .For those people who consider themselves as self-employed who want to buy their own private health insurance, can be twice as expensive as that that is being offered through employers. (Feldman 2012)
Health Insurance is essential to Personal Well Being and your Health. For a large proportion of uninsured people, health insurance can and most often a matter of choice. Uninsured Americans normally tend to delay and even go without doctors' visits, prescription medications, and other effective treatments, even if they know they have serious or a life-threatening condition. (Institute 2009). 20 to 30 percent of uninsured children are more likely to need certain shots, prescription medications, asthma care ,basic dental care and other things that we would consider a must have. Uninsured children with conditions requiring ongoing medical attention are 6 to 8 times more likely to have health care needs and can’t get the required tools and medicine that they need. Uninsured children are also more likely than insured children to miss school due to health problems and to experience preventable hospitalizations. (Institute 2009)Many of these children are classified as being the minority out of the 20 to 30 percent of children about 15 percent are minorities (H.
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