Personal Experiences In My Life

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Experiences from your life have the chance to either affect you seriously for life or affect you as long as they can apply to your life. In my life there has been about a handful of hardships, enough at least for my counselor as well as other acquaintances to be surprised I have made it this far without losing my mind. It all started when I was around seven, my dad lost his job in Seattle, Washington so we were forced to move to Inman, Kansas. We lived on and off with my grandparents for around six years. In this time I was multiply molested/ assaulted by my grandfather, my father’s step-father. My father had gone into a deep Depression as he wasn’t employed for a long time after we moved to Kansas. This lifted from time to time when he found different jobs, none of which lasted long.…show more content…
I started yet another school and tried to make friends into my Sophomore year. My Freshman year of high school I had been diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, this happened about a month before that tornado. My Sophomore year of high school went pretty well, I made a few friends and some of my friends from Moore started the same school. The summer before my Junior year was a difficult one. I lost my grandfather, my dad’s step-father, a family pet that we had had since we lived in Washington, and I lost my close friend more into the school year that year. My Junior year I started on more different anxiety medications and I had one knee surgery, that was in March 2015. Also in my Junior year I met some amazing friends that I hope that I will keep for years to come. This last summer was a rather uneventful one, compared to the previous years. This last summer I started going to counseling where I was diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, and diagnosed again with
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