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In class it was discussed that the Bible, traditions, and current or personal experiences affect our religious beliefs and faith. It was mentioned that a belief is shown in practice and that faith is seeking understanding in order to help us better recognize what is possible and true to us personally. The notion of faith is a journey; it varies and changes throughout life and different cultures. It is for that reason that while the different communities give these legs different weights, from a personal perspective all three are important and carry the same amount of weight in my life. To have faith one must have had a personal experience where it made us feel different and closer to God. The Bible and the traditions we were born into have an effect over those experiences. The notion of personal experience, tradition, and understanding of the Bible plays a role in my personal religious experience.
Being born and raised a Christian,Mormon, personal experience carries a significant amount of weight in what I believe and how I approach certain life situations. Experience helps me better understand the Bible itself and the traditions I was born into. If it wasn’t for those personal experiences I
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As a Mormon I believe, respect and love the Bible. The Bible is a powerful, important, and a very sacred record which serves as the bedrock for all Christians. The Bible contains precious history, doctrine, and testimonies, of all those who at one point in time experienced and believed that Jesus Christ was and is the Divine Son of God, our Heavenly Father. Just like The Book of Mormon, the Bible is the word of God which came through the hands of chosen men as they were touched by the Holy Ghost (2 Peter 1:20-21). Because the Bible is one way of getting to know God and His Son Jesus Christ and how we ought to be like them, it is for these reasons that the Bible carries the same amount of weight as
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