Permisive Parenting: Authoritarian And Permissive Parenting Style

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Authoritarian and permissive parenting style
Have you ever thought about how your life might be if your parents had raised you in a different way?
Authoritarian parenting or strict parenting are formed by parents who are very demanding and lack of responsiveness. Parents do not allow long dialogue with their children, also they expect their children to follow very strict rules and if they do not follow those rules they will get punished by their parents demanding obedience. On the other hand, we have a different type of parenting style called permissive or indulgent, these types of parents are very responsive but they lack demanding, these parents are very nurturing, loving, and lenient. They avoid any type of confrontation with their child …show more content…

Authoritarian parents are very strict, they have high expectations and set many rules their kids have to follow with no options otherwise they will get punished in different ways with little to no explanation. This type of parenting style is not responsive. Permissive parents are not strict, they do not set rules at all and if in case they have some they are inconsistent, they are very nurturing and loving. This type of parenting style provides more freedom to their children with fewer responsibilities and also, they listen to their child’s opinion on serious decisions. Authoritarian and permissive parenting styles are very different because the first one is way stricter than the second one. Authoritarian parents punish their children when they make a mistake, however, permissive parents act more like a friend to their children and talking about what is going on and making agreements to solve what they did wrong. The only similarity they have is that they are parents trying to raise their children the way they believe is the best for them. Authoritarian parenting style is unique in how they raise children; their high expectation and strict rules are something everybody needs to perform at your best, that is why authoritarian parenting style is the most effective to raise a

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