Perception: The Root Cause Of Communication Problems

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“Perception is often the root causes of Communication problem”
One needs efficient communication to complete the task successfully. Communication process helps us to exchange information through various resources. It is true that most communication problems arise due to different perceptions between sender and receiver. Everyday people communicate with each other at different places i.e. schools, universities, factories, workplace, banks etc. Perception is the process of making sense of the world around us. People make different perception as per their opinions. Perceptions involves how others think about you, how you think about others, how you perceive yourselves and how others perceives themselves.
As argued by Burdett (2003) university
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Sometimes these communication problems arise due to lack of clarity between teachers and parents. Teachers and parents don’t meet each other regularly. They make their perception on the basis of student communication. Parents inquire with children about teachers and children reply as per their choice. Similarly teacher asks to students about their parents and made their mind. Parents remain busy in daily life and avoid meeting teachers regularly. This creates a communication gap between parents and teacher. Parents always access the teacher on the basis of student performance. If student performance is not up-to the mark teachers lost credibility in the eyes of parents. There is a big communication lag on both sides but very few parents realize that gap and try to meet teachers regularly. Sometimes teachers are not clear with their communication about school homework and parents help children to complete their homework as per their perception. Both teachers and parents think regular meeting and conversation is waste of time. They try to avoid it unless it is urgent. Teachers also make some perception about students for e.g. if a student is not speaking in class some teachers perceive he/she is dull. They don’t want to waste their time on that student. The major cause of perception and communication problem is time management. People don’t want to clear…show more content…
These perception barriers occurred at different levels i.e. relationship of managers with his superiors, relationship of mangers with subordinates and relationship of mangers with other managers (Grasso et al, 2005). There are multiple barriers in communication i.e. credibility issue, physical distance, size, perception and resistance to change. The managers face communication problem at different hierarchical levels. Sometimes middle level managers communicate differently with subordinates and senior level management. They increase the culture of grapevine inside the company. Middle level managers try to be more honest to senior level management. They do false complaints about their subordinates and try to dictate them. At the same time upper management avoids direct talk with lower level employees. Middle managers act as a bridge with lower level management and senior management. So their communication should be very clear and specific. Managers need to sort out those credibility issues among themselves. A good example is the relationship between bank managers and customers. Normally bank managers don’t meet ordinary customers on regular basis. Lower management in banks is responsible for bank-client relationship. Those lower level managers don’t communicate the right message to the customers and customers make their own assumptions about the situation. A good middle level manager can strengthen
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