Pediatrician Personal Statement

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When I woke up on Tuesday, September 5th, I was ecstatic to finally start working with the students at Prescott Elementary. I have been working with kids for the past four years and I couldn’t wait to meet new children. Even though I just considered teaching a few months ago, I have always loved working with kids. Ever since I was a cheerleading coach for young girls I knew I wanted to interact with kids in some way as a career. Before teaching, I though about being a pediatrician. After I tossed that idea around, I thought about being a physical therapist with a specialization in pediatrics. Then finally, I thought of being a pediatric nurse, I really wanted to work with infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the hospital. But then I realized that all those science courses that the medical field entails are not for me. This is when I was enlightened and became interested in teaching. …show more content…

During my past job as a summer camp counselor, I especially enjoyed working one on one with a child, whether it was because they struggled in a skill or because they felt left out. I really like making connections and establishing personal relationships with the youngsters. Teaching also appealed to me because I would get most summers off and if I wanted to start a family some day, I would be working at the same time as my kids would be at school. On the other hand, though, the least appealing thing about teaching to me is having to motivate kids who may be stubborn and don’t want to participate. I also see it being challenging to deal with a child who tends to put the other students down or may bully other students, but I know that I will come across this situation many times in my

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