Parenting Styles And Development Essay

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There are so many factors that impact a person’s development of the self. One factor that plays a big part in the development of the self is the parent’s personality and especially the parent’s child-rearing parenting style. There are four major different parenting styles that are mentioned in each study explored which include authoritarian/directive, authoritative/balanced, indulgent/permissive, and uninvolved/disengaged. Authoritarian/directive parenting style is associated with control and strictness. Authoritative/balanced parenting style is related to also being strict but is more assertive and less restrictive and intrusive. The indulgent/permissive parentings style typically is less demanding and has low expectations. The last parenting style is the uninvolved/disengaged parent who is also less demanding but are detached from their child’s life. After much research parenting styles can help to predict different types of development that may…show more content…
Cramer (2015) looked at parenting style and the existence of maladaptive narcissism and the findings were that authoritarian parenting was positively connected whereas responsive and permissive parenting were negatively related with narcissism. The findings of Fuemmeler, et al. (2012) indicate that these two parenting styles, disengaged and authoritarian parenting have long lasting effects on risk for obesity. Gauvain & Huard (1999) study helps to make available concepts as to what family practices and parenting styles could be supportive for development. The final study by Mounts, (2002) focused on parenting styles, peer relationships, and drug use and the findings that showed higher levels of uninvolved or indulgent parenting styles were related to higher levels of drug use and high with association with friends and drug use. All four studies had significant findings in relationship to parenting styles and development in
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