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Parenting style is a method that was used by parents into considering how their children are raise to the required standard that was expected and taught. Parent structure their children accordingly to their behaviors and attitudes as they grow up and how the children are to perform in their surrounding environment. Therefore, this essay will firstly examine some characteristics that a parent should have towards their children. Next, parents have authority over their children in deciding how their child behaves in a way that is respectful to others and lastly, parent is more into concerted cultivation of their children. Likewise every child needs the right parenting to higher achievements and prosperity.

Firstly, Different parents have different characteristics that enable them in developing their children. In parenting a child, the parents have to act positively considering the behavior that the child will have when they are growing up. Children learn by the examples and develop their parent’s characteristic by their behaviors as they are at early stages of their lives. Patient and calm parents influences their children’s behavior in everyday situation. For example, parents who are always running late in doing something important for their children play a major role in affecting the children on how to handle pressures and deadlines. Some parents have attitudes of respecting others and also their children. These types of parent would be more graceful for raising children because of the higher chance that the children would be more confident in doing something harmful by doing it more effectively and also the children would be a good and respecting people as they growth up. Christian parents could have an impact...

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...ul in life also and gain big experience and skills that he/she has learn from growing up with a positive teaching and prosperity.


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