Paperless Law Office Case Study

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Paperless Law Offices The paperless law office is fast becoming the new normal. While it is almost paperless, it is probably the most secure, on a legal basis, of what a paperless law office can be. Paperless is different from a virtual office as there is still a brick and mortar place to work. However, it does help to cut down on the space and personnel needed and increase efficiency. Using the newest technology for a paperless office to store data or documents and communicating on a regular basis with clients, courts, and businesses is much easier. There still will be some paper, but that paper is reduced greatly. There is still is a brick and mortar building which is staffed and used to meet with clients and business associates. With a virtual…show more content…
Printers would be purchased as needed on an individual basis for specific personnel. If you have a practice that has a need to print large amounts of paper, a centralized printer is needed for those purposes. Each person should have a personal scanner and there should be at least one centralized combination self-fed/flatbed scanner for large capacity documents and books. Servers should be utilized for storage and centralization of data, documents and applicable programs which then can be set up to be accessed based on the law office personnel’s need of use. Highly recommended would be at least two servers, one for backup on a daily basis or some type of backup on-site system. With this, to protect the data in case of a catastrophic event to your brick and mortar building, there should be an offsite system to backup this information and systems on a daily basis. This type of offsite system could be used for just backup of data and systems for safety, or it can also be used so that an attorney can access all of their files and applications offsite in case they cannot be in the office. One such application for law offices is Carbonite ( which is customizable for your needs and includes encryption and security systems for your

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