The Benefits Of An Automotive Engineer

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Automotive Engineers depend on Updated Technology
Most things we do in our everyday life involve technology in some sort of way. Technology has gotten very popular since 1868 when the first ever typewriter was invented. Technology has many benefits, and that's why it is so popular. Technology has made doing many different tasks much easier by providing alternative ways to complete different tasks. Technology can be beneficial to an individual or even a whole organization. For a company or an organization, technology can make it much easier to store information much neater and even safer. Technology also offers substantial advantages for businesses, especially when it comes to information storage and analysis. Scanning business documents into
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For big or even small companies, having all your information stored electronically on either a computer or even some sort of tablet can be very beneficial. For Automotive Engineers, performing their jobs without technology would be very difficult. Even without the updated technology that we are available to, we would not be able to accomplish tasks with as much ease as we now can. A dozen years after the first web pages invaded US computer screens, engineers are still discovering the Internets seemingly limitless benefits from search engines and online technical forums (Maloney, 2004, p. 1). Engineers use many different software’s and other platforms that rely on technology to design new products. Most of the time as an Automotive Engineer you would be designing products on the computer to print out for manufactures. Manufactures rely on these prints from Engineers to do their job as well. Technology is an advancement that gives people a better solution to everyday tasks and helps people such as engineers perform their job with ease…show more content…
Not only does technology make it easier to do your work, but it also makes it a lot safer to store your information or important documents without the worry of losing them. Computers also give you the ability to add a password to things you would like, this is very important for companies and other people that are storing information via technology. Technology has made it also a lot easier to organize things for a whole organization. A business or association can use technology to organize information such as customer receipts, phone numbers, and even employee wage. Technology is constantly upgrading and improving to replace our old equipment with improved and advanced equipment. Things such as a filing cabinet are still widely used, but most of the thing you would store in one is able to be stored on a computer or other sort of technology. People also used to have to use typewriters to type things out or get news out to people, nowadays we have computers with easy and free programs to write with and the news can now be found all over the internet. These are just a couple examples of things that have been replaced by a more advanced technology. Technology has evolved and transformed our lives and society, overall it has brought about tremendous growth and benefit to mankind (Juliet, 2009,
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