Outsourcing and Off Shoring is Unethical

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In light of recent growth of domestic and foreign countries outsourcing and off shoring over seas, companies been taken advantage of the cheap labor cost for outsourcing and off shoring manufacturing. Competitive business investing in domestic and foreign manufacturing have affects every part of the business industries from design, software development, finances and logistic management, i.e., customer and sales. Nevertheless, outsourcing been praised by businesses for outcomes of cost-effectiveness, efficient, productive and strategic, but damned as malicious, because of companies’ greediness, detrimental, and brutal in the public eyes. Employment in the manufacturing business started declining steadily, because of the drop of manufacturing employment tally up with the increase in outsourcing to domestic contractors, i.e., staffing service. Furthermore, the increase of material and service input to foreign companies is commonly known as off shoring” (Houseman, 2007). For instance, companies used staffing services to match actual production with customers work. Often conce...

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