Outsourcing as a factor in the United States recession

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Jim is a upstanding, hard working, American computer programmer who recently lost his job to a man who doesn’t provide the correct code or patches for the computer programs he builds. This man is living in a far off country providing money that doesn’t benefit Jim or America, now Jim has a nice spot in the unemployment line. This is not how any good employee should be treated, but now many companies are dropping their good employees for cheaper foreign employees. Recent outsourcing is factor in the recent downturn in the U.S. economy.
Outsourcing is a complicated and a multifaceted subject that involves a “business[’s] purchase of parts or labor from another company rather than maintaining a sufficient enough number of its own employees to do the same work in the country where the company is already based” ("Outsourcing"). The first practice of outsourcing was in medieval times when “nation-states called in soldiers-for-hire to help their own military forces during ongoing conflicts” ("Outsourcing"). Many think of outsourcing as a one way trade of production facilities moving outside of a companies locale but in actuality it is a two way trade that also involves companies from other areas moving their factories to local areas where conditions are beneficial for the specific business. Outsourcing has evolved but the main idea has remained the same. The recent increase in outsourcing “was initiated by Wall Street pressures on corporations . . . . for increased profits . . . in the production of goods and services marketed in the U.S."(Roberts).
Most companies chose to move their plants to locations overseas to India and China. Douglas Irwin claims, “international trade in services is in its infancy” (Hart). In other countries th...

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