Case Study Of Michael Dell

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1.2 Background of company Dell is a multibillion dollar industry founded in the year founded in the year 1984. The company has its headquarters in Texas in United States of America. The revenue of the company was $ 59 billion in the fiscal year 2015. The current CEO of the company is Michael Dell who also founded the company. The main products and services of the company include personal computers, smart phones, servers, televisions, etc. The subsidiaries of the company include Alienware, sonicwall, EMC Corporation, Force 10, etc. the company in the recent yearshasfaced a lot of heat due to low sales of personal computers in the market. In fact, the market share of the company has eroded to such an extent that the company sales and net profit…show more content…
The outsourced labor does not actually understand the problem faced by the real customer in America or other European Nations. This has agitated the customer base of the company, which has resulted in dip in sales in the recent past. The company has actually failed to meet the expectations of the people as they have downsized a substantial part of its labor to cut cost. Some experience on the customer sites indicate that the company personnel are not even clear about what products come under warranty and what type of warranty are given for which type of products. Even the customers have complained that the engineer the company sends to their homes are not well trained and are sometimes not able to understand the problem. This further irritates the customers, as without a laptop, one feels crippled. This has resulted for the company to reconsider the training program for their engineers and the company has actually considered giving up altogether on the after sales service. Sometimes, the customer of the company is too much demanding which also lead to a friction between the staff and the customer. As already mentioned above, since the company’s sales is hit by a shift in the sales pattern of products, it has placed its products at high end in the market which has also forced the customers to think twice before buying the…show more content…
1.6 Research questions The research questions that are set by the concerned person has been set below: How much the customers are satisfied by using the Dell computers? What are the demands of the customers for Dell computers? What is the effectiveness of the after sales services offered to the customers by Dell? What are the suitable strategies that help the company to satisfy the demands of the customers in an effective manner? 1.7 Summary In this section the concerned person has presented brief introduction to the topic that has been selected for detailed study and various expected research tools that would used to collection of data and analyze the
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