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In recent years, China's service outsourcing have been expanding from scratch, and gradually expand the field, scope of business mainly related to Information Technology industry, producing services, as well as cultural and creative industries, the target involving Japan, Korea, Europe, America and India. In Shanghai, Beijing and other cities formed a group of outsourcing industry cluster, with significant economic benefits of international service outsourcing park; local outsourcing companies grew rapidly, and gradually change the pattern of the first to foreign-based. According to the Ministry of Industry, data shows that in 2008 China's software and information services outsourcing industry scale reached 156.77 billion yuan, up 41.2%; software and the number of firms of information service outsourcing in China is 3600, an increase of about 20.0%; the number of employees in the Software and IT outsourcing industry reached 41 million, increased about 36.7%. 2009, China's software and information services outsourcing industry has maintained rapid development, and industry continued to expand, reached 146.36 billion yuan revenue at the first three quarters, an increase of about 24.5%, is expected to be close to 200 billion annual revenue. Vector current industry also shape the northeast, the Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Midwest, "the five clusters," "East map," a good development pattern. China's outsourcing industry has been driven from the global to the local industry, industry self type; from offshore outsourcing led to the local market-driven transition from multinational companies and "returnees" to promote entrepreneurship, to private capital, local entrepreneurs to promote the transformation of Chi... ... middle of paper ... ...vices outsourcing industry the most important part of domestic demand. IT systems for the financial industry, construction and maintenance, software development, customer services (such as call centers, etc.), data processing, ITO and BPO services with a wide range of needs, with the further development of specialization in the future will surely have a more realistic outsourcing needs. Telecommunications industry, with a new round of telecom industry restructuring and the issuance of 3G licenses, for a new round of telecom infrastructure, and derivatives of customer service, system construction, software development and other needs will have significant growth. Only the current needs of manufacturing outsourcing to 10.1% in the proportion of total demand, but with very large potential for development. This is a strong manufacturing base in China itself compatible.

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