Our Youth: Living For the Moment

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We all know and see that the young waste their time, efforts, and life with luxuries. Rather then building a positive and healthy life style for old age. Our youth merely squanders away any money made to have “fun” and “enjoyment” in their lives. Though some do indeed worry about their future. It’s amazing how our youth is so sure of making the money back that they don’t realize what exactly they’re doing with it or what they’re doing to themselves. Simply, youth can live without money, as many do day by day. So, why even take that into consideration? This is why : As we all advance in years, it is far from arguable that money becomes more essential to our daily lives than we’d like to admit. And yet discouragingly, those of us who are opportune enough to have jobs misuse our finances on material desires, like cell phones, computers, iPods, and other miscellaneous commodities. But instead of valuing what is profoundly essential to one’s futures, it may be too late once we finally decide to acknowledge this information to cause any planning or change. For you see, planning is nec...
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