Organized Religion Assists People in Becoming Spiritually Fulfilled

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Organized Religion Assists People in Becoming Spiritually Fulfilled There are many different religions around the world that people belong to. Although each religion has its own doctrine and history, most religions share the same aim of providing people with a sense of morals and spiritual meaning. Catholics believe in the Virgin Mary while Jews do not, and Buddhists believe in nirvana rather than heaven. Religious principles and histories help people find themselves through faith in a higher power and faith in community. Many people that do not belong to a religion tend to be lost in their faith and unclear about their moral values. Therefore, I believe it is important to belong to an organized religion that can provide you with good guidance and community, in order to become a spiritually fulfilled person. The first reason why belonging to an organized religion is important is because of good guidance. First, you can learn positive lessons that you can apply in reality, such as respect for others. A priest may lecture about Biblical stories and relate them to modern situations. For example, the story about the Good Samaritan is about a person helping out another person. The priest tells us to apply this story to our lifestyle in order to become a kind and respectful person. I learn valuable insights from these stories, which provide helpful knowledge in choosing to do good and making moral decisions in life. Second, an organized religion can give you structure in order to build up your spiritual faith. For instance, Catholics are required to go to church every Sunday to learn about God's teachings and pray before eating an... ... middle of paper ... ...ral and spiritual community that would have been very difficult to find in the outside world. Having good guidance and belonging to a strong community can help you become a more spiritually fulfilled person. It is really each individual's decision whether he or she wants to belong to a religious organization, but I would encourage anyone I know to evaluate the benefits carefully. And although each religion is different from the others, they all elevate the human spirit and help us become more moral people. We should all understand this truth and strive to respect the differences in history and doctrine. Being in an organized religion shouldn't be like belonging to a gang; it is a special group that shares its faith with one another to gain more positive knowledge and spiritual awareness.

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