Organic Food Essay

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What is the term of “Organic?” The term “organic” refers to the way farming foods are developed and prepared by farmers. Actually, organic foods are produced by farmers who use the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future organic foods. Thus, organic foods have become increasingly these days because it helps people’ health benefits and gives people higher quality of foods. Some people do not want to buy organic foods because they feel organic foods are too expensive or simply are not aware that organic foods exist. However, according to many research studies, organic food is defined as healthy food. First of all, organic produces contain fewer pesticide residues. Secondly, natural produces are fresher than…show more content…
In his illustration of this movement, all agriculture was generally organic until the 1920’s, and several farmers like Coleman have shared their perspectives on what we now consider “Organic Food” (Coleman). He also argues that to recognize what people eat and how that can influence on their health ought to be guaranteed. In addition, he divides his whole idea or organic farming. Basically when Coleman started farming, he believed that “organic” was a way of thinking rather than a “profit center” (Coleman). In other words, since organic food has become popular to the public, big companies in the food industry have taken over (Coleman). Moreover, he defined organic food as “locally grown and unprocessed, with exceptional quality” (Coleman). His standard of “Real Food” farming is the place where fresh fruits and vegetables along with a 50-mile radius of their final sale. Additionally, beans grains and potatoes are developed inside a 300-mile radius of the last sale. His standard is not a realistic goal which is to grow and produce food products naturally because it costs more money and requires nurturing by good farmers. It is unrealistic to have such farms everywhere throughout the spots nowadays; subsequently, individuals can purchase those ranches items on the grounds where those ranch’ agriculturists would take up more land. Consequently, more natural cultivating can make appropriately developed natural
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