The Poor Treatment of Women in Hamlet by Willaim Shakespeare

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“Frailty, thy name is woman” (I.ii.150). The most significant reason for Hamlet’s first soliloquy is based on how he feels about “woman”, mostly referring to his mother. Hamlet shows no respect towards his mother. Shakespeare tries to show Hamlet and other male characters as assertive men. However, in Shakespeare different plays women play a variety of roles. Throughout the play Hamlet, Shakespeare demonstrated brutal treatment towards women by the male characters in the play, whether it be verbally or with emotional abuse. Not only were the women manipulated by the male characters, but they were also controlled by their beloved ones.
One of the main relationships in which there is great deal of control and manipulation is between Hamlet and Ophelia. Ophelia is the only lady in her family. Her family includes her father Polonius and brother Laertes. Ophelia is an obedient lady who views the men in her life as her only reference in life’s dilemmas. However, there is irony from the advice that her family gives her to prevent her from being with Hamlet. Laertes mentions to Ophelia, “Then, if he says he loves you,/ It fits your wisdom so far to believe it/ As he in his particular act and place/ May give his saying deed, which is no further/ Than the main voice of Denmark goes withal./ Then weigh what loss your honor may sustain”(I.iii.41). Laertes tries to protect Ophelia by telling her to be wise enough on believing Hamlet’s words. Laertes does not only approve of Ophelia’s love for Hamlet because he does not want his sister to be hurt. Ophelia as the obedient lady she is, tells Laertes that she will take his words of wisdom close to her mind. The main example of Hamlet showing the act of being callous and over controlling is when...

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...on the men, which was part of Shakespeare’s play of writing.
Shakespeare shows how the women characters are not strong minded, but shows how their love and deception towards the male characters leads them to their behavior. Lead to their own demises due to the flaws such as dependence they have. The male characters bossed the women around and the women did as they were told. Shakespeare used Gertrude and Ophelia to show how the men seemed to do as they wished and women were forced to follow. It provides the power that the male towards the woman. The dependence of women on men may have traditionally been a factor in their lives; however, in today's ever-changing society, women have become more and more independent to overcome circumstances such as these. Not only were the women manipulated by the male characters, but they were also controlled by their beloved ones.
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